I have been soul searching about my writing and life goals lately. After reading a blog post about having two niches, it was a massive relief to me. I have been paralyzed by the paranoia of choosing the wrong one like I can’t switch it later or something. However, Michael Leonard’s advice was to have a niche you’re knowledgeable about and one you’re passionate about.

Then it dawned on me; I spend all of my time worrying and trying to figure out my life or doing things that are far from what I am passionate about. Not to mention the procrastination of what I truly want out of life. Honestly, it’s to have a Kokomo State of Mind. Call me crazy, but I want to spend more days outside with my ass in the sand and a drink in my hand than what I have been doing the last umpteen years!  

They probably told the Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffett they were crazy but look at them. Livin’ the dream. Here I am 35 years old, still broke, still not making a living as a writer, and learning other things that have nothing to do with writing. Is it possible to be a Freelance Writer and live the dream? Well, some do it. Maybe my decade of self-doubt will help me overcome the obstacles that seem to stand before me.



Seeing all of this news about the Coronavirus, watching the economy go to crap again, and watching my mounting pile of debt has made my mind glitch. I thought, what do I Really need? If I had to run or choose what would I take if I decided to cut ties with materialism finally, what would I need? Honestly, my hubby, my fur-babies, my bible, my pictures, my mom, and a few family members.  

So, what’s keeping me from Livin the Dream? The Answer is Me and a bunch of stuff I really don’t need. My husband kept joking about the Skoolie Idea. Skoolies are old school buses turned into tiny homes on wheels-they are epic. Because when hurricane season comes you just head out of dodge! Could this be possible Freelancing and Virtual Assisting and cruisin’ up and down the coast for a while? Chasin waves that’s the dream.  

There’s just something about Palm Trees blowing in the breeze and the smell of salt filling the air that makes me feel at ease. I love raw oysters on a salty cracker doused with tobacco sauce and lemon juice. If you ever go to Cocoa Beach, Florida, go to Coconut’s and order a Pain in the ass. Best mixed drink ever if you love Pina Coladas. It’s a mix of a Rum Runner, Pina Colada, a shot of rum in a vile, and topped with fluffy whip cream and a sweet cherry on top. Damn, I could use one of those right about now…


Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash



Again, the last so many years has been spent more on anxiety, worry, and feeling out of place than enjoying much of my life. Is it really supposed to be this way? Or do we insist on surrounding ourselves with crap we don’t need and wake up one day drowning in our possessions?  

Why do we put our true passion on the back-burner? Why do we get wrapped up so intensely we blink and a decade has gone by? Don’t get me wrong…I know you have to mine your responsibilities, but can we simplify so we can do both? 

The same goes for partaking in hobbies. I love to paint, do crafts, write, be outside, photograph nature, etc. but if I can squeeze in an hour of daylight outdoors, I’m lucky. Because I feel guilty about all of the stuff that needs to be done, …which would be less if I had less. Maybe if I cut cable, I’d spend less time zoning out on the TV and do something I enjoy instead. 



What if I started living so simply that I would enjoy every single day to the fullest because I finally would understand that once it is gone, I can’t get it back. What if I lived with a Kokomo State of Mind?